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The closing game for United’s season was against their rival West Central on Friday night at UHS.  A win for West Central would take them to the playoffs. The atmosphere between the two rivals was electric and the crowds were fired up.  Carson Clayton, a senior for United, replied with a simple “of course” when asked if United would beat West Central. 

Defenses on both sides were able to stop both offenses from scoring for the entire first half.  United would finally breakthrough the West Central Defense in the 3rd quarter with a 4 yard run by Cade Whitsitt.  The extra point attempt by Diego Godina was good leaving United up 7-0 with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. 

West Central would fireback with a touchdown carry of their own on their next drive.  The would however, miss the extra point. The quarter would end after a 1 yard run by Whitsitt and United held onto a 7-6 lead.  

Any stop made by the defense would be huge, any score detrimental.  After being stopped on 3 downs, United was able to draw West Central offsides, extending a drive.  However, a block in the back and a false start on the Red Storm brought the ball 30 yards back from a 1st down.  

United was eventually forced to punt which just went out of bounds and West Central began their final drive from their own 20.  With 7:26 left in the game West Central ran the ball again and again, running the clock down waiting for the perfect moment to throw a pass.  West Central received a holding penalty with about 2 minutes on the clock and then fumbled, but were able to recover. A pass on 3rd down was incomplete and West Central was also charged with a delay of game penalty. 

On 4th and 18 and :34 seconds remaining in the game, West Central threw a pass which was incomplete.  United took over on downs from their own 48 with the crowd roaring, quarterback Nolan Leffler then kneeled down to end the game.  

The students in the endzone again ran out on the field (some of whom were shirtless) to congratulate their team cheering all the way.  

Everyone was once again hugging, shaking hands and some even crying. 

“I’m reall proud of these guys, going in 107 it can be easy to go with the motion but these kids played their tails off - I’m so happy for our seniors and I’m proud of all of them” Head Coach David Milroy said.  

United finished the season 2-7 following the 7-6 final victory.