It was an all too familiar sight for the United Football team and onlooking fans.  For a player that would mean the back of an opposing team member's jersey during a massive run and a 6-0 deficit early on the scoreboard. For the United fans it means the familiar sound of the opposing crowd's roar made worse by the fact this particular game was an away game for United.  Under normal circumstances from that point on, United cannot start any momentum and receive a thorough whipping. 

This was not one of those games, however, and while United still lost it was an excellent performance and a great game of football.  

After Rushville's early touchdown drive and successful two point conversion, United would answer back with a touchdown of their own, with excellent passing by quarterback Declan Flynn and added help from two face mask penalties against Rushville.  Through great stops made by United, Rushville was unable to score the rest of the first quarter. 

Midway through the second quarter the ever present thought of a massive gain by Rushville materialized resultingin an astounding 75 yard touchdown run.  United later responded with a completed pass to Alec Thompson which was run in for a touchdown.  On their next drive the Rockets' QB would fumble only to be recovered by the Rockets.  On the very next play, yet another massive 60 yard run.  The pass for conversion was successful. 

On United's next drive, a first down by Jackson Bergren would lead to a personal foul late hit on the Rockets.  On the next set of downs, leading the way for a pass to Cade Whitsitt that he ran in for a touchdown. The half would close with a holding call on the Rockets on their first play of their drive, with the score 20-18 Rockets. The first half was marked by the many massive plays by Rushville resulting in scores. 

United, however, did not flinch and kept a more steady pace and , with the added help of some penalties, were able to match the number of Rocket touchdown drives. Both defenses had their time to shine in the third quarter resulting in no scoring drives for either team. 

The first play of the 4th quarter the Rockets would score on a 50 yard touchdown run, bu the attempt for two was stopped.  United would return the kick to the Rocket 40.  The next play was a pass good for 22 yards to Thompson and Whitsitt later carried for another first down.  On the next play, sophomore Cormaic Flynn scored the United touchdown.  

The Rockets would take over at their own 39 and wer 1st and 20 after a holding call.  The Rockets would be stopped on 3rd and 9 and punted from their own 26 when they were flagged for too many men on the field.  The Rocket punt landed on their own 44, a golden opportunity for United to take their first lead of the game.  The Rockets were able to stop United on a 4th and 1 with 6:06 left in the game.  Quarterback Declan Flynn attempted a sneak which was just barely short.  

The Rockets took over and lost yardage on their first 2 downs.  The next two plays, both runs up the middle, resulted in a touchdown.  The two point conversion was good.  United was unable to match the Rockets drive and turned the ball over on downs.  The Rockets claimed victory formation, final score 34-24.