App Store Screenshot

United CUSD 304 has unveiled an "App" in an effort to bring community members even closer to the district.  In March of 2017,  the United Board of Education set goals for the district, one of which being improved communication and the inclusion of an App to "push" notify district residents about things going on in the district.  On August 1, 2019 that goal will be met with the opening of the United CUSD 304 App.  The app can be found on App Store or Google Web Store and works on both Android and IOS platforms.  App users will be able to set which building(s) they wish to receive notifications from and in which formats.  

The app is a product of Apptegy services.  Along with the app will be an update to the United District website - which will still be located at  Any update to the website, will automatically update to the website and vice versa.  The district hopes that by subscribing to the app (no cost), community members will be more in touch with the things happening in our district buildings.  

In the near future, the district will post some "how to" videos to help people properly set up their personal notifications and utilize the app.